Using E-receipt will give you an overview of your purchases and help you make better purchase decisions.

Join E-receipt and do your daily purchases the way you are used to.

Keep tabs on your current expenses.

Make better purchase decisions and save money.

It is simple to begin

Log in with ID-card or Mobile-ID

This allows you to begin collecting receipts in the portal.

Have a look at which shops have already joined

View the shopsthat will help make the world paper-free!

Buy habitually

Receipts will be saved automatically if you use your bankcards or customer cards.

Stop collecting receipts

You can now find all your purchase receipts and product manuals in one place.

How is an e-receipt made?

The E-receipt service works in computers, tablets, and telephones.

Upon purchase, use a bank or customer card or pay with your smart phone.
If you pay merchants that have joined E-receipt with a bankcard or smart phone, or if you use a customer card, then your receipts will be sent automatically to the E-receipt portal (launching on fall 2016).

If you enter your telephone number and e-mail address in the E-receipt environment, then the receipts of all merchants, with whom you have registered as a client by using your telephone number or e-mail address, will also be delivered to the E-receipt environment.

Service use

It is no longer necessary to collect receipts in a desk drawer

Have you ever wondered why cashiers still give you paper receipts in a digital age? In shops that have joined the E-receipt system, you no longer need to accept a paper receipt. It is no longer necessary to collect receipts in your wallet or desk drawer just in case, as all of these are accessible from the E-receipt portal.

All receipts are in a digital format and in one place

Have you ever been in a situation where you can no longer find a paper receipt and do not recall where and when you bought the goods? Now you have a good opportunity to find your receipt in the E-receipt portal, instead of turning to various merchants for answers. All your receipts from merchants that have joined E-receipt will be delivered automatically to one database.

Detailed overview

The E-receipt portal offers you a simple opportunity for keeping tabs on your daily and long-term expenses. You can place purchased goods in suitable expense categories and analyse your purchase behaviour.

Save nature

Nearly 400 million tonnes of receipts are omitted in Estonia each year, which requires 20 tonnes of paper. It takes approx. 15 trees, more than 9 barrels of oil, 72 tonnes of water to make one tonne of receipt paper, and a whole tonne of waste is generated. If we could reduce the amount of omitted receipts by half, it would mean significant nature conservation.

Product manuals

In the E-receipt environment, you can view the product manuals of purchases goods. This way you no longer need to store product manuals in the paper format.


Receipts are collected and used on paper in case of possible disputes as transaction proof. Electronically stored receipts serve exactly the same purpose.

Services for businesses and institutions

E-receipt helps you reduce and manage expenses and simplify accounting.

Optimise your paperwork

Pursuant to the new Accounting Act (enters into force in 2016), account based documents can also be digital. The business no longer has to preserve paper receipts.

Receipts can be forwarded to legal persons

Instead of digitalising paper receipts, the E-receipt environment allows you to use a completely paper-free solution: the receipts will be sent from the merchant to the legal person. Employees can forward the receipts to the account of the business.

Perfect compatibility

E-receipt uses an extended e-receipt standard. This means that, similarly to e-invoices, receipts can be forwarded directly to account or cost management programs interfaced with E-receipt.

E-receipt is a secure environment

The security of the environment begins with the fact that a user account can only be created using ID-card or mobile-ID.

From the first steps, the E-receipt environment has been developed in view of the highest security requirements. Security is a natural component of system architecture.

Security architecture establishes that receipts are stored in the database in an anonymous form. The links between the receipts and users are kept separately and they are encrypted with AES 192-bit keys. The keys are stored, in turn, in a separate hardware security module, which ensures their confidentiality. The receipts in the system are not permanently personalised.

The security module and encryption solution are separate from the rest of the environment, which increases the security of the environment even more.

Receipt-exchange between shops and the portal is double safe. Secure SSL channels with a 128-bit encryption are used for sending receipts from shops to the E-receipt environment. In addition, the receipts have previously been encrypted using public key cryptography, which means that encrypted files are moved in a secure channel.

The E-receipt environment has a highly efficient logging solution – all transactions conducted in the system are logged (a so-called audit log).